Here to Create with Adidas and Nick Taylor

I’m a huge fan of Adidas and what they stand for. I believe they are have created innovative technology in footwear and position themselves as an influential brand. With that inspiration from the ultraboost, NMD, and Humans by Pharrell Williams, I’ve made my own conceptual shoes from the collection of prior shoes mentioned.

Also included in this are two Instagram story advertisement.

Here’s a collection of redesigned Adidas Originals shoes I admire. The process was inspired during a time in my life when I went to New York City for a summer internship. This vast city does live and breathe. For a lack of a better word, New York “reflects” what you want it to be. There are several challenges of surviving and striving in this city but these shoes are the representation of being a city, knowing no one, often feeling alone, yet mesmerized vibrant city and it’s people.


Blue surrounds the city, but no one realize it until the sun sets and the lights come on.

adidas originals shoes


The streets, the buildings, the spark to survive and thrive in NYC while I leave university life behind momentarily.


Pharrell is a genius. Shadows will be casted but yet something great will come to shine.

adidas originals shoes


The brand with three stripes in Mandarin and Japanese–Night and day shade


the brand with 3 stripes–Japanese all black

adidas originals shoes

Instagram Story AD spot

Music Hands by Point, Point

Spot 2

Music All The Stars (with SZA) by Kendrick Lamar

*Note Adidas is not affiliated – personal project*



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